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Welcome to the Novasom Wiki.


Our industrial products (SBC, SOM and embedded systems) have been designed after years of experience in industrial problems solving, working side by side with our customers to deliver products that perfectly fit their specific needs.

If there is not a Novasom Industries’ product that perfectly matches your needs, no problem: we can customize any of our standard products according to your specific requirements.

Fell free to contact us at:

Our industrial boards come with different sets of features to serve different purposes, however they all share three important characteristics that are fundamental for industrial applications: safety, stability and flexibility.

Every one of our standard solutions (based on SBC or SOM + Carrier) is ready to be used in many specific fields.


About NovaEmbed

The SDK, is a complex set of SW which allows you to program a user code, configure the operating system “kernel” with appropriate video, set boot parameters, select specific peripheral drivers and their configuration etc.

Our tested and 100% guaranteed SDK isn’t a distribution like Yocto for example, even though the latter can be installed on the Novasom board, but is our SW toolsuite named NovaEmbed™ which allows the programming of the Novasom embedded system at a kernel-BSP and Boot level in a visual and preset way this reduces “time to market” in the development of embedded Linux application (which normally require highly specialized personnel and more time) and guarantees no errors resulting from the command line programming of the traditional SDK.

Download NOVAsom SDK for your board

SDK for P-LINE and U5-LINE (v 105)

Fedora 27 64 bit virtual machine
User: fil
Password: cactus


SDK for S-LINE (v 103)

Fedora 20 64 bit virtual machine
User: novasis
Password: novasis


SDK for NOVAsom U1

Ubuntu 64 bit virtual machine
User: fil
Password: cactus


SDK for M-Line (v.2019.07)

Debian 9 64 bit virtual machine
User: novasomindustries
Password: novasomindustries

[Download (Prebuild Image)]

SDK for M-Line (v.2019.07)

Debian 9 64 bit virtual machine
User/Password: novasomindustries
valued customer,
this sdk is a QT application we developed to help you while simplify the generation of specific images
with proper non standard settings on the devices tree and kernel and so on, things you can find already done
in verious form and version here

All you can do with the Nobaembed SDK is doable with the right tuning at console level ( and much more,
so we do reccomand this road for your settings).
Please note that and no SW is bugs free, moreover our maximun effort

Novasom team

[Download (SDK Image)]

Install VirtualBox and configure the host system

Download and install [VirtualBox] latest version from official website. (For windows users: run VirtualBox installer as administrator).
Download and install [Extension Pack] latest version from official website.
Make sure hardware virtualization is enabled in the bios.

  • For Intel x64: VT-x (Intel Virtualization Technology) and VT-d are both enabled
  • For AMD x64: AMD SVM (Secure Virtual Machine) is enabled

For Windows users, Hyper-V should be disabled.

NOTE: Configuration details may vary depending on your operating system and hardware. It's up to you adjusting configurations for your case. You can use any virtualizer tool compatible with vdi files. NOVAsom Technical Support include only suggestions about VirtualBox configuration for work with NOVAsom board. Refer to VirtualBox official website for support about VirtualBox tool.

Configure the virtual machine

Run VirtualBox

Create a new virtual machine

  Name: NOVAsomSDK
  Type: Linux
  Version: [see table below]

Select Choose an existing virtual hard disk file , and select the vdi extracted above.

Hit Create

Hit Settings

In Network select Bridged adapter

In System / Memory set the amount of virtual file system memory according to your system performance. Half of your host's memory is a good starting point.

Set System / Processor set the number of processors for the virtual file system according to your system performance. Half of your host's processors is a good starting point.

Start the virtual machine. Open Devices menu and choose Insert Guest Additions CD image


Restart the virtual machine

Your SDK is installed and ready to run! Make sure to keep updated VirtualBox, Guest Additions and Extension Pack: differences in versions could cause problems using drivers between host and guest system.

See VirtualBox official website for more info about VirtualBox tool.

User Manual


NOVAsom M7

NOVAsom M7 Plus

NOVAsom M8

NOVAsom M9

Novasom P

NOVAsom U5



Open a ticket

If you own a Novasom Industries product, you are eligible to request technical assistance.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click the folowing link:
  2. You will find a form to complete and send. During the form compilation, for a correct management of your request, please insert your company e-mail and your company name in order to allow us to easily identify you and to offer to you the best possible support.
  3. You will receive a message containing the credentials at the email address you completed in the form.
  4. Go back to the website, and login (the button is located on the top-right side of the navigation bar).
  5. Once logged in, you will have the opportunity to choose between "Ducumentation" and "Cases"
    1. Documentation is the section where you can find manuals, application notes and other documentation useful to make your product work. TIP: before opening a case, try to take a look at this section, the resolution of your problem could be at your fingertips.
    2. To open a case go to cases.

Commercial assistance

If you do not have a Novasom Industries product and you only want commercial information, please contact the commercial assistance here: and you will be contacted as soon as possible.